Waking up to the crashing sounds of the ocean, the breeze from the warmth of the beach gently gusting in to what is the opening of a thatch shuttered window on the second story room of a hotel in the tropical island of Cozumel, Mexico. The brewing pleasantry of coffee being started as you jump out of bed, extremely excited for the events of the day and all of the activities scheduled that you had been looking forward to all year on this glorious vacation. From scuba diving and morning yoga to incredible feasts of meals and lounging around doing absolutely nothing – which is entirely acceptable because vacation spots are beyond amazing for accomplishing exactly that – a whole lot of nothing!


This is the lifestyle that supposedly every entrepreneurial, and supposed schemed debauchery organization of a home based business, promises but fails to deliver on account of their one simple disclaimer: success is entirely contingent upon several individual factors and they cannot be held responsible for your making a lot, a little, or… and I am certain every one whom has ever considered or tried a home based business has read this very same line, and that is for them to claim no money at all. 


Alas, your dream of enjoying such a vacation, or even affording to be able to attend a vacation, is the furthest thing from your mind because you have bigger problems on your plate, like how to be able to afford food to put on that empty plate which is sitting in your cupboard and has been in the same place for a little over a few days now, because your refrigerator is near empty, just as your pantry is about to become. You went from running a tree service warren mi business to running an online company, and you feel like your sinking. But it’s not the time to jump ship. You’re not supposed to leave during your hardships in business but weather it through.


Too often we worry ourselves with problems at present instead of finding solutions to those problems and progressing toward our dreams. It is as if our life and living habits while attending college have truly never altered because our financial circumstances of never improved. Regardless of whose fault it is, one thing is confirmed; not doing anything different in life will yield extremely predictable, and often less than exciting, results.


For those whom dare to dream, courageously step forward to confidently serve the masses and step out of their comfort zone to become a problem solver, the idea of owning a business, whether it be home based (i.e. online, internet marketing, amazon, etc), brick and mortar, or otherwise, can be a daunting task but a rewarding dream come true, with other dreams shortly to follow in the path of becoming a reality.